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  • Be excellent to each other! (I really wish that is all I had to say here) 
  • This community is open to all walks of life, that being said,  their opinions, experiences, race, gender, sexual orientation. relationship styles, kinks may differ from yours, please respect everyone's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and love.
  • As this is a site based on LOVE, HATE in any form will not be tolerated
  • You agree that The Limitless Love Cafe,  TLLC, it's administrators, moderators, groups, users, site hosters, programmers, and/or any individual(s) are not to be held accountable if your information becomes public,  unless done so maliciously with intent, and then only the individual who acted with malice shall be held accountable. We can not control cameras, screen capture devices and/or software, or any other means of transmitting data from the site. 
  • You use this site at your own risk. While we will try to provide a safe environment, we can not always control the actions of users, on the site or especially in person. 
  • Your account can be terminated with no notice at any time by people granted authority to do so by the site administration team. 
  • Groups shall not be created to judge, hate, discriminate against or talk negatively about other people based on relationship status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, kinks, or any other way possible. If a group is found out to be used for this purpose it will be shut down immediately and the users who engaged in the content creation/discussions will be banned from the site. 
  • Terms may be changed at any time, for any reason, it is your responsibility to make sure you have read the current terms of the site. 
  • Updated 12/11/2018